Duo @

Station Park

Duo @ Station Park is the 3rd of 5 buildings being built in the heart of Waterloo’s massive tech growth. Located right across the street from Google HQ gives this location an amazing value for tech employees. It also offers the option to get an Air B and B license which turns you investment property into a money making machine. 

13% Growth

Kitchener has been growing at an average rate of 13% (calculatuted over a 5 year average). Low inventory and high demand helps keep these numbers strong.


For a small handful of units you can purcahsae an Air B and B licenses which allows you to turn your rental property into a cash making machine. 

$109,830 Profit

Assuming your property grows at 6% per year from the day of purchase in 2026 your property would have grown 100k. Rental yields are currently sitting at 5-11%

How will you make money

Air B and B has given investors an opportunity to make double of what they would typically make on a standard month to month rental (even after taking property management costs into consideration). 

Kitchener has been deemed the new tech capital of the GTA and the growth has just started. This ensures that you will get high quality tenants for your month to month rentals or Air B & B rentals.