The Grand in Pickering

When looking for the perfect place to live, the must-have list is long. Look no further than Pickering. A lush and lively location with a bustling and booming city scene that celebrates gorgeous nature, diverse culture, exciting leisure, and entertainment activities all wrapped in an unparalleled quality of community life. Prices Starting from the low 600’s

Express Go Downtown

Train Leaves every 15 minutes and takes only 28 min to get downtown.

Education Hub

Close to 3 major post secondary education institutions.

Master Plan Community

4th building out of 7 total buildings.

Area Amenities

Minutes to shopping and entertainment.

How will you make money

Earn 93% on your money

Pickering condos has been growing at an average of 13.94% over 5 years.

But lets assume you earned 6% year over year, how much money would you make? How does this compare to other investment tools in the market?

13% ROI

Pickering has been growing at an average rate of 13% (calculatuted over a 5 year average)


Lowest cost to rent a 1 bedroom unit 

$1,350/Month Cashback

For qualifying units buyers can receive $1,350/month in cashback for 12 months which gaurantees a positive cash flow on you property. 

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